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My Scotland Visit Blog 5: The Hikes!

On our trip to Scotland, my brother and I did a bit of hiking.

One thing we look for, is hikes that involve waterfalls. Our first hike, was on a trail that goes to a waterfall....and then you can take take it further to a distillery. They wouldn't let us park at the distillery and do the hike, so we did the distillery tour, and then drove to ANOTHER parking lot for the hike.

It ended up at a nice waterfall

Our next hike was along a canyon, which of course had more waterfalls.

If you look really hard, you can see me on top of the bridge!

Speaking of bridges, we liked to find the old stone bridges.

My favorite hike on the trip, was the toughest hike. The hike to "old man of storr"

We started the hike around 5pm, after a long day. But then the hike itself was UP.

It was the most crowded hike we did on the trip, despite doing it so late. (Tells you how popular it is)

But we would rest where we could on the way up.

What I liked about the hike, was ALL the green grass with rocks scattered about, and then the tall ragged peaks.

Then you add the misty rain and fog...and it made the scenery eerily beautiful

We were exhausted after the hike, but it was well worth it.

The next day, we woke up early so we could beat the crowds to another popular hike....Fairy Pools.

This time, the rain was a bit heavier, so I had to put the hood up on occasion.

The was an easier hike, but I almost hurt myself real bad.

Pretty cool waterfall right? Well I went up ahead, while my brother stayed back to take my picture with the waterfall.

Pretty cool photo right? Well, it was slippery with all the rain, and when I was walking back to the trail, I slipped and fell. Thankfully I fell away from the long drop, and immediately grabbed rocks to prevent me from going over the edge. I cut my knee pretty good, and my fingers got pressure blisters (and popped them), but it could have been much worse.

Lesson learned.

Later that day, we did another 3 mile hike...this one to a place that was used in the movie "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets"

That's the Glenfinnan Viaduct, which was used in the Harry Potter movie as the train tracks for the Hogwarts Express. Very impressive structure!

Our last hike, was the Steall Falls hike.

This was a fun hike, because to get to the Steall Falls, we had to walk by SEVERAL other waterfalls.

There's some water going down that rock ....but that's actual the trail!

Not the most nerveracking part of the trail though....that would be the wire bridge!

Now to be honest, we didn't cross all the way on the bridge. We got on the bridge to see how easy it would be to cross all the way (and then have to come back the same way).

We probably could have done it with no issues, but since we had already done a lot of hiking on the trip, we decided not to take the chance. Maybe next time.

Lots of good hiking trails in Scotland! I'm happy with the ones we chose to do.

Tomorrow, my last blog on Scotland...about things I haven't shared yet...including Food, Driving, and a location that inspired Outlander.


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