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My Weekend Daytrip to Taylor Texas

On Saturday, I took a daytrip to Taylor Texas.

Taylor is home to a popular BBQ place called "Louie Mueller"s. In the past, it's been named Best BBQ in Texas by the New York Times, Food Network and Bon Appetite.

Like a lot of popular BBQ joints in Texas, there was a line to wait it before you placed your order. AT Louie Muellers, the liner goes right by the place you get your knives/forks, as well as beverages, so a lot of time people are saying "Excuse Me", as they have to go through the line to get napkins, or a refill on their Iced Tea. Also, the line moved VERY slowly, so despite only 10 or so people in front of us, it took over 20 minutes to get to the counter.

Another thing that stood out to me was the price. Brisket was $20.00 a pound....Beef Rib was $29.99 a pound.

I ended up getting brisket and a sausage.

Both the brisket and the sausage were very good.

Right down the road from the BBQ joint, was a brewpub

The Texas Beer company, had about 5 of their own beers, so of course I got a sampler.

The Amber beer they make won a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival.

Also, not only did they have their own beers but they had about 15 or so guest taps. In fact my sampler, was 3 of their beers, and a pilsner from another brewery.

Also on the guest taps, was a Sake. It's an American Sake made it Austin. The bartender let me try a sample of the Sake, as it was very good, though I wouldn't want a pint of it.

All and all a fun trip out of town to try some new places. It's about 80 minutes from B/CS towards the Austin area.


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