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DayTrip for some BBQ & Beer

On Saturday, I took a daytrip out of town to try some BBQ & Beer.

My first stop, was at Snow's BBQ.

Snows is in Lexington, Texas, about 50 minutes west of B/CS. Back in 2017, Texas Monthly named them the best BBQ in Texas, so I had to try some brisket.

They are only open on Saturdays, but open at 8am. Though I wanted to work out before I went, so I didn't get there until 10am. Since they were the best in Texas, I expected to wait in line....but NOPE. I walked right in and ordered.

I decided to get my usual....brisket and sausage.

Both were very tasty. I'd put Snows in my top 5 BBQ joints I've been to in Texas.

I liked how they showed their support for the Aggies on their smoker

After having my fill of BBQ, I then went to Hi Sign brewery in Austin for a sampler.

I actually learned about them, on my last BBQ/Brewery trip. They're located right next to the Austin Airport, so if you fly out of Austin, it's a nice place to stop for a pint before your flight. My favorite beer at Hi Sign Brewing was the "Mellow Johnny", a shop lager. Their "Violet" (a fruit blonde ale) was also interesting.

I liked the logo's for each of their beers.

On the cans, they have the full body of each of the characters.

Another fun Daytrip!


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