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My Trip to Key Largo Blog 1

Just before the Labor Day weekend, I flew down to Miami to meet my brother for a Scuba Diving vacation in Key Largo.

Just about 3 miles from the airport, I found a brewpub for us to go for lunch.

Beat Culture Brewery

I got a sampler of 4 beers, in mini Mason jars. (the bartender had a hard time with one of the beers, so she had to get the brewer...which is why there are only 3 in pic). The beers and food were good. And it's very convenient from the Miami Airport.

After some disc golf, and stopping off for supplies, we headed down to where we were staying.

It's an interesting place, they have several different buildings...some duplex, some singles, even a trailer home that you can stay at....oh...and interesting decor

We also sign a LIVE creature driving on the driveway one day.

We like to stay there, because it within walking distance to several restaurants and bars....and because it has a nice view of the bay at sunset

The bar next door has live music, which we can hear outside our room.....they also have a couple of really big chairs!

I mentioned that we stopped by to get some supplies...some of which were different beers. Here's a sample of some

I liked the Godfather beer.....although the "Buggin Out" turned out to be VERY appropriate. You see on Thursday, the forecast for Hurricane Dorian, was that it was going to hit the Miami area on Sunday....the day we planned to fly out. I called the airlines to see what I could do to switch flights....they said due to high call volume, they would call me back in an hour and 45 minutes.

Well...I decided to look for myself, as my brother also tried to look for his flight options. One of our issues is that we had to coordinate a location and city to fly out of. My brother found a flight out of Tampa, but there wasn't anything for me. In the end, the BEST we could do was to DRIVE 11 hours and fly out of Atlanta!

We started driving on Friday after doing 4 scuba dives. We cut the drive into 2 days, so we took the 4 1/2 hour drive to Tampa the first night. On the way for the first hour of the drive, almost EVERY gas station was OUT of gas. We finally found a gas station that had some available, BUT it was a 20-30 minute wait in line. Floridians were preparing for the worst. The next day on our drive to Atlanta, we passed by SEVERAL bucket trucks driving South on I-75, and we also saw some Task Forces making their way down.

Thankfully we made it out in time, although the forecast ending up changing for Hurricane Dorian, and we could have flown out of Miami as originally scheduled....but we decided to be Safe instead of Sorry.

On tomorrow's blog, I"ll have some pics/stories from our Scuba Diving experiences


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