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KC Goes Scuba Diving in Key Largo

My main reason for going down to Key Largo last week, was to go scuba diving with my brother. This year we did 6 different dives. (We had to cancel 2 because of potential issues with Hurricane Dorian).

Whenever we go on a dive trip, there are 3 things I like to see.... Sharks, Sting Rays....and Turtles. We don't always see them each trip, so it's special when we do.

My FAVORITE creature to see...is the Sea Turtle. The dive guide pointed him out...and he was hiding under a ledge. By the time I got to him, he needed some air, so he swam towards me. I was happy to get this video.

We also saw several sharks. We saw some mean looking Caribbean reef sharks, but they swam to fast to get a good video of them.

The shark we saw the most of..was the Nurse Shark.

We also saw a really large Sting Ray. He looked mean, despite being half buried in sand.

Another fish, that we usually film every time we see them are Trunk Fish. We just like the way they look and swim.

When we go diving out of Key Largo, they have SEVERAL dive sites they can choose from. So, we don't always go to the same locations. This year, despite having done over 50 dives out of Key Largo, we went some place new. This one had a shallow wreck, that my brother took a selfie of us at.

Another creature we like to see, but don't always, are eels. I was BARELY able to get part of a spotted moray eel on film as he swam under some coral

Every time I see this next fish, I think of the heart song, that shares it's name..... Barracuda (can't you just hear the guitar riff?)

My favorite type of coral to see, is the BRAIN Coral. I like to follow the lines....if I can. It looks like a maze.

Here's an Angelfish.

One creature we DONT like to see, is jelly fish. On the 2nd day of diving, there were several times where the jellyfish would hang out, right where we had to get out of the water and onto the boat. Several divers got stung! Thankfully they had vinegar on board to help alleviate the stinging sensation.

Here's an interesting jellyfish we saw in the water right by where we stayed. We actually just walked into the water and saw this guy.

Here's a couple of grouper fish. Sometimes you can find them on the menu, although I prefer Salmon.

One thing I like to do when I come upon a school of fish, is to swim slowly into them, to see if they will scatter, or just slowly get out of the way

Here's a Trigger fish. If you watch it till the end, you'll see his "trigger"

And finally, here's a school of Parrot Fish. I think Jimmy Buffet must like these fish.

Thanks for checking out the videos. I wish the quality was better, but I didn't pay Youtube more money to upload the HD versions.


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