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Back after my Holiday Vacation!

I hope you had a fun holiday season! I took some time off to spend time with my family. I picked my brother up from the airport down in Houston, but before his flight a friend of mine went to St. Arnold for lunch, and a visit with both St. Arnold & St Nick!

With airlines, you never know when they're going to get in, so I figure instead of waiting at the airport, I'd wait at a brewery. And Saint Arnold's has made many changes over the year. Now they have a a large outdoor area with a big TV to watch a game. They also have restaurant with really good food.

After I picked my brother up, so he woudln't be jealous, we went to a couple of OTHER breweries. Our first stop was at Klaus Brewing Company, which felt appropriate for the holiday season.

They're a German-style brewery. My brother got a sampler, while I had their Helles called .....One Helles of a Lager! It was very tasty!

Since we still had time, I looked for another brewery on the way back to B/CS, and found Lone Pint .

I had been there a couple of years ago, but my brother had never been. It had changed quite a bit from the last time I was there, They had a nice outdoor patio area among the trees. They even had a stage for live music, but were doing trivia when we got there. At Lone Pint, I got the "Gentleman's Relish" which was brown ale, and very good.

So, I hit 3 breweries that day. I figure if i'm gonna drive all the way to Houston, may as well find OTHER things to do on the way back.

One other thing about that day's driving...I got a laugh at what the Texas Dept. of Transportation posted on their signs. I told my brother to take a picture, but when driving 65-75 it's kinda hard. But he did get this.

It says "Baby Yoda uses a car seat, be safe he will" They had another saying about Jedi, but I've forgotten it. But well played TXDOT!

I'll have some info from our AUSTIN trip on tomorrow's blog.


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