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Daytrip to Austin

While my brother was in town over the holidays, we took a daytrip to Austin. Our first stop was Franklin's BBQ. I had seen that it was highly rated, and I figured it'd be a good stop for lunch. We got there about 15 minutes before it opened, and there was already a long line.

We waited for awhile, and despite the restaurant opening up at 11am, we didn't move. This was our first sign that it might be awhile. Our second sign, was when a guy started handing out a small brisket sandwich to the people at the back of the line.

It was a nice gesture from the restaurant, especially since it was FREE!

Unfortunately about 15 minutes later, and very little movement, someone came out, and said that they could only guarantee that they would have brisket to a certain point in the line....and that it would be over a 2 hour wait.

Since we were PAST the point of guaranteed brisket, and it was gonna be another 2-3 hours before we ordered, we BAILED and went to a place that has been named the best brewpub by the Great American Beer Festival.

It's a fairly long name, but our experience was good. I liked their "Hell Yes" Helles Lager, while my brother liked the "Little Queen" (maybe named after a Heart Album)

We were able to try some beer there, and get some good food, so we were happy we didn't wait at Franklins.

Our next stop, was for some Putt-Putt Golf.

We had to pose next to the bug playing a guitar. It's a fun little place in Austin. They actually had 2 different 18 hole courses. we only played 18 though.

AND...I was happy I got TWO holes in one, including one on the Sea Turtle Hole!

We decided to make our way back to B/CS, but made one last stop at a brewery before we left.

Live Oak Brewery is one of my favorite breweries in Austin. I really like their "Big Bark" amber beer. The brewery has a nice inside area, and plenty of outside seating, and even has a disc golf course. Unfortunately we didn't have time to play the course, because we wanted to get back to B/CS in time for the kickoff of the A&M Bowl Game.

Still a fun trip to Austin.


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