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Fun at the Foreigner show at Rudder last night!

I went to the Foreigner concert last night at Rudder Auditorium. Lots of people at the show, and the crowd was into the concert which made it fun.

Before the concert, I ran into a Fox Fan, Kyle, who told me that he had just been back stage talking to his friend Jeff Pilson. Kyle said that he had given him a 12th Man shirt as a present, and Jeff said he would wear it on stage.

And, he wore the jersey all night long! Unfortunately, there wasn't a bass solo to highlight him, but he did get a LOUD CHEER when he was introduced.

One of my favorite songs from the night, was when they performed Cold as Ice . They sounded great, they had some nice harmonizing. And during the keyboard solo, lead singer Kelly Hansen left the stage, and came out and high fived the crowd.

I sat in the Mezzanine section, so I didn't get to high five him, but it was cool he went out to the crowd. In fact, Kelly Hansen was a great front man. He had a lot of energy, danced around, and chatted with the crowd a lot. The only thing he could have done better, was not just say "Great to be in Texas". It would have been nice for him to say College Station....or heck...just say Texas A&M. But that's nitpicking.

Another interesting thing about the show, was that guitarist Thom Gimbel looked like he was dressed as Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Am I right?

During the band's last song of the night, lead singer Kelly Hansen saw someone in the front row filming the show with their phone. He took the phone, not because he was upset, ...but because we wanted to give the fan a better movie. So he took the phone around, while filming, and shot each member of the band close up. As I said before, the lead singer, may not be Lou Gramm, but he is an EXCELLENT front man, and does the songs well.

the first song in their encore, was an interesting choice, because it was the power ballad "I want to know what love is". not a bad song, but coming out for an encore, I expect a little more rock.

What WAS cool, was that during the song, they brought out the Bryan High Legacy Choir to sing backing vocals. (And the band donated money to the choir)

Here's the full set list from last night's 90 minute show.

  1. Double Vision
  2. Head Games
  3. Cold as Ice
  4. Waiting for a girl like you
  5. Dirty White Boy
  6. Feels like the First time
  7. Urgent
  8. Keyboard/Drum solo
  9. Juke Box Hero


10 I want to know what love is

11 Hot Blooded

I was hoping for a few more songs, perhaps "Blue morning blue day" "Long Long way from home" or even "starrider"..(though that last one is a DEEP cut. But definitely a fun show, that it appeared everyone enjoyed.

I even bought a concert shirt to commemorate the event

I told myself, if they had a shirt with the College Station date on the back, I'd get it.

It's interesting because they put ALL of their Texas dates on the one T-shirt. Even the shows with Kansas & Europe at the end of the year.

The T-shirt was a bit expensive, but everything at concerts is these days.

Not sure what my next concert is, but I'm started to save money now.


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