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Some adventures from my trip to Michigan

This past weekend, I took a mini-vacation to visit my brother up in Michigan. He lives right near a lake, in fact here I am walking ON the lake. In years past I would see people setting up shelters so they could go ice fishing.

One thing that my brother did every day was play disc golf....yes it's cold...yes there's snow, but we still have fun!

Disc golf, is like regular golf, but you throw dics...and try to get them into the basket. Generally it's free to play, once you have the discs. (there are about 4-5 courses here in B/CS)

On one hole, I almost got a hole in one....in fact my brother happened to be taking pictures at the time.

My disc (the red blur) actually hit the chains, but bounced out...quite frustrating. But a good camera shot by my brother.

Another good pic he took, was of me walking...it reminds me of that old picture of Bigfoot.

One of the dangers of disc golf in the winter, is losing a disc in the snow. On one hole, i was looking for my disc while my brother threw his 2nd shot. I watched his disc land in the tree...and because I was looking there, I saw my disc in the background. (once again red spot in the snow up and right from the orange disc)

We played disc golf everyday...cause once again it's free and fun!

Something we did that wasn't free, but was still fun, was bowling.

I bowl once or twice a year, so I'm not that good...my general goal is to break 100. BUT in the 1st game I bowled, I CRUSHED 100

I was happy with a 163! In the bowling alley complex, they had an escape room...unfortunately we didn't do as well. As we FAILED to escape, and the world blew up....or so the story said.

Still...we got to take a "end of game" picture.

Another fun thing we did, was to go snow tubing down a hill!

notice how I'm spinning around...you don't really have much control over which way you go down the hill.

For 10 bucks you got to go down the hill as many times as you wanted, and they provided the snow tubes. You could go down one at a time, or as a group.

And...you didn't have to walk up the hill

They had a conveyor belt type system to get you up the hill.

Definitely a fine time! On tomorrow's blog, I'll talk about the 7 brewpubs we visited.


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