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KC Makes His Own Masks Following CDC Guidelines

The CDC has said that it's best people wear cloth masks while out in public. These masks are meant to stop you from breathing in the virus....BUT to help YOU From spreading the virus, if you have it. Remember that you could have Covid-19 and not know it for days!

HEAD HERE to see the CDC's instructions

Since I'm not a good at sewing, I chose to make the 2 masks that don't involve any sewing.

I took an old T-shirt, measure 7-8 inches from the bottom, and cut the shirt to make the rectangle.

You then measure 6-7 inches from the side (about an inch from the top) to make the Straps

You then clip the ends of the "straps" and boom...you have a cloth mask. Now I used an XL shirt....and the mask was WAY to big....SO....I actually made 2 masks from the bottom of the T-Shirt

Simple enough to make...and only involves a T-shirt and scissors.

The OTHER Non-Sewing way to make a mask according to the CDC, also involves a Coffee Filter and a couple of Rubber Bands

That way, you start with a 20 inch by 20 inch square....I used the remainder of the Old T-shirt I used for the first mask.

You then take the coffee filter and cut the bottom out of it.

Then take the 20 by 20 tshirt...fold it in half.....then have the T-shirt in 1/3rds You put the coffee filter in the middle then fold the top down and the bottom up.

Then you put the rubber bands over the cloth so they are about 6 inches apart. Then you fold the sides to the middle and tuck them in....and wala...you have a mask. You use the rubber band over your ears.

This one seems safer because of theirs more fabric and the coffee filter for you to breathe through.

In the end I made 3 masks from one old T-shirt.

Now with these masks, you have to remember to not touch your eyes, nose or mouth when taking it off...and wash your hands immediately. Also, don't reuse the mask....use it once then wash it!

I wore it when I went shopping yesterday, and sure it's a bit uncomfortable, but it's what we need to do to help keep people safe.


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