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K.C. Wheeler

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I Tie Dyed some Masks over the weekend

Since I have a bunch of white masks, I decided to Tie Dye a couple of them over the weekend. I hadn't tie dyed since I was in elementary school.

I bought a inexpensive Tie Dye kit from Walmart.

I first put on the rubberbands, in 2 different ways....A) I twisted the mask end to end. B) I twisted it from the MIDDLE of the mask

Then I added the Dye....it only came with 3 colors...light blue, dark blue and red.

I then let them sit in a plastic bag overnight....and the next morning dried them outside. (Gotta take advantage of this Texas heat.

I think they turned out ok.....next time I wouldn't use as much Dark Blue.....I used about an event amount of each color, but the Dark Blue dominates.

Oh well...something different to do, while I stay at home...again.


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