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K.C. Wheeler

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Walmart Drive-in is in Town

I went to the College Station Walmart yesterday, and I saw that the Walmart Drive-in is in town.

They showed E.T. last night, and tonight they're showing Wonder Woman. UPDATE THEY HAVE DECIDED TO CANCEL TONIGHT'S SHOWING DUE TO POTENTIAL WEATHER ISSUES

Unfortunately, because I do mornings here at The Fox, I can't attend because it's after my bed-time, but it look like it would be cool.

While I was shopping inside Walmart, I was able to find the Mandalorian cereal

It didn't taste as good as I had hoped...but at least it's not bad.

I got it because I liked "The Mandalorian". here's what the back looked like

As far as I know, the Mandalorian cereal is exclusive to Sam's & Walmart.


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