(KC) I ordered this the day Eddie Van Halen died

When Eddie Van Halen died, I looked at what I had from the band. I, of course have several cds, and the pictures I posted last week. But, didn't have much else. I was surprised to see that I only had 1 hat from the 4 times I saw Van Halen.

So, that day I decided to order a few things online. I got a VH T-shirt, and this "Frankenstien" guitar ornament

I had remembered talking about it on air awhile ago, and had thought about getting one (there are 3 different types), but never did. Until last week.

The Van Halen shop has been VERY busy. A couple of days after I ordered the items, there was a notice on the website letting fans know there would be a delay.

Thankfully I got mine in just over a week. VanHalenStore.com is the website if you're interested.

I'm still shocked/saddened at Eddie's passing, but as I've said before...at least we'll always have his music.