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Some of my snow/ice pics over the past couple of days

Every day this week, I've got out for a walk, to see how the weather has affected our area....and here are some of the more interesting pictures I've taken

I'll start with this....It's a bad sign, when your faucet cover has icicles

Check out the ice on these berries

One day, while I was walking I found a fairly long icicle

I didn't see alot of snowmen made this time around, likely because it was more of a powdery snow, but I liked this one

Here's a couple of "Snow angel" pictures....the 1st the day it was created, and then a couple of days later

One place I like to walk to, is a nearby park. Not a lot of kids going down the slide

Though one day, i did see some people playing Kickball in the snow

Elsewhere in the park, the Ducks decided to try walking on the ice in the pond

Speaking of birds, over the past couple of weeks, I've seen a bunch of robins around. If you've seen them this week, they're likely puffing out their chest.(something they do to stay warm)

And here's some other interesting pics

For the first couple of days, when it was bitter cold, I wore a buff to keep my face warm (note it's a stormtrooper buff)

And finally, I always like when I walk on this road, because I can see Kyle Field.


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