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Got a Hole in one in Disc golf

I played some Disc Golf on Friday, and got a hole in one!

It was a blind tee-shot, with a 13 mph wind.

I didn't get to see it go in the basket, but I could hear the chains get hit. I was hoping, and sure enough when I walked up, my disc was in the basket.

It's actually the 2nd time I've got a hole in one on that hole.

To be honest, getting a hole in one in Disc Golf is alot easier than getting a hole in one in regular golf, but it's still fun to get one.

If you are unfamiliar with disc golf, it's similar to regular golf, but instead of hitting a ball to get it into a hole, you throw a disc to get it into a basket.

What I like about disc golf, is once you have a disc, it's mostly free to play. I often play the course at Oaks Park on Harvey Road (across from Johnny Carinos).

You only NEED 1 disc to play, but like in golf where you have different clubs for different distances, in Disc Golf you have different discs for different shots. (Driver,mid-range, putter).

It's a fun sport, and I try to play it a couple times each week. If you have any questions about it, just shoot me an email KCWheeler@995thefox.com


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