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My 2nd Covid Vaccine Shot Experience

I got my 2nd Covid Vaccine Shot at the end of last week. I had it scheduled over at the Brazos Center.

It was a fairly easy process. I drove up, and they gave some paperwork to fill out, while I was waiting in line.

Then you drive into a tent, where they give you the vaccination.

Then, you're directed to drive south of the Brazos center to an empty parking lot, where you wait for about 15 minutes (so they know if you have a bad reaction or not)

didn't take very long.

Unfortunately, for me, I had ALL of the side effects possible for the 2nd shot. Chills, aches, lack of energy, all of them. I felt absolutely miserable. The side effects took about 10 hours before they showed up for me, I've heard some people had them show up earlier.

The good news, was that after about 24 hours I was feeling better.

if you haven't had your 2nd shot yet, I'd recommend you drink lots of electrolytes before and after the shot. It seems to help.

I'm glad I got the shot, now I just have to wait 2 weeks, than I'll be freer than I've been in 12 months.


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