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Day Trip to a Honey Farm and Meadery!

Over the weekend, I took a day trip down just south of Navasota to a Honey Farm and a Meadery. (just about 30 minute drive)

First stop was Bee Weaver Honey Farm. You may have seen the signs for it off Highway 6.

All the bee tours were booked, but I was able to do the sweet and savory honey tasting. (cost about $4).

I wasn't sure what to expect...but for 4 bucks, I figured why not. In the end, it was fascinating.

I ended up tasting about 25 different honeys. Some they make, some they infuse, and some from other parts of the country.

They had spicy honey.....called Reaper Pepper. They had fruit flavored honeys, (Blue Raspberry, Huckleberry) even a Carmel Honey.

I was impressed with the sure number of tastings I got. And at the end I got a taste of honey inside the honey comb

You could either spit the honey comb out or chew it. They said that having the honey straight from the honey comb was better for allergies. If you like honey, I'd highly recommend you do a tasting.

And...right NEXT to the Bee Weaver Honey Farm, is Wildflyer Meadery. So I did a FLIGHT there.

You write what you want on the chalkboard, and bring it to you.

They had quite the variety of meads

Interestingly enough, the one I liked the most was the Marooned.

Their mead is carbonated, and served cold, so it's different than the mead you might get at the Renaissance Festival. I thought it was well worth trying, and will be back for more tastings.

All and all a fun trip, and it's just 30 minutes away.

If you have any questions, just shoot me an email KCWheeler@995TheFox.com


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