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Genesis releasing a new compilation set this fall

Genesis are releasing a new compilation set this fall called "The Last Domino", which is also the name of their concert tour.

It'll be available in CD as well as vinyl.

The track listing is as follows.


1. ”Dukes End”

2. “Turn It On Again”

3. “Mama”

4. “Land Of Confusion”

5. “Home By The Sea”

6. “Second Home By The Sea”

7. “Fading Lights”

8. “The Cinema Show”

9. “Afterglow”

10. “Hold On My Heart”

11. “Jesus He Knows Me”

12. “That's All”

13. “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway”

14. “In Too Deep”

15. “Follow You Follow Me”


1. “Duchess”

2. “No Son Of Mine”

3. “Firth Of Fifth”

4. “I Know What I Like”

5. “Domino Medley”

6. “Throwing It All Away”

7. “Tonight, Tonight, Tonight”

8. “Invisible Touch”

9. “I Can’t Dance”

10. “Dancing With The Moonlight Knight”

11. “Carpet Crawlers”

12. “Abacab”

The compilation gets released on September 17th, with the US tour starting in November.

Unfortunately the concert tour doesn't come anywhere close to Texas. I saw them once at the Astrodome (tells you how long ago that was), but I'd like to see them again. I'm hoping they add more dates, especially if it is their LAST tour.

If I hear anything about them adding dates, I'll let you know.


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