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K.C. Visits Aerosmith, Simpsons, Harry Potter and Star Wars attractions

Last week, I wasn't on the air, because I took a vacation with my brother down to Florida. Our first stop was Orlando, where we visited both Universal Studios, and Disneyworld.

First day, was a visit the Universal Studios, which had a Simpsons land.

Of course, one of the places I wanted to go in Simpson land, was Moe's Tavern

Moe's was, fun, They had the "Love Tester" in the bar, served Duff Beer. And at the end of the bar was a telephone, that would randomly ring. And if you picked it up, you would hear one of Bart Simpsons pranks.

Simpson land also includes a couple of rides. We rode the Krustyland ride, which is a simlulated roller coaster of sorts. We liked it so much, we rode it Twice!

Universal Studios, also has a transformers ride (very fun), a Mummy ride (fun), and a Harry Potter land.

They had a "diagonally" type set up, complete with a place that served butter beer (which to my surprise was non-alcoholic). There is also a "escape gringots" ride, that was fun.

the best ride, was the "rip rocket" ride. It was the only real roller coaster in the park, and it starts by going literally straight up. then you have a steep hill going down and your off. The fun thing about that roller coaster, is that you get to choose a song to listen to while your riding the roller coaster. We rode it twice. first time I listened to ZZ top "Gimme all yoru lovin" , and the 2nd time, Motley Crue's "Kickstart my heart".

Also, at universal studios, was a Minions ride, which was fun. most of the rides make you exit through a shop, and I was surprised to see this mug.

I didnt' get it, but I should have.

The next day we went Disneyworld's Hollywood studios, which is home to an Aerosmith Roller Coaster.

That was an interesting roller coaster. You end up in a room, where it appears there's a recording studio on the other side with Aerosmith in a recording session. Their manager comes out, and says they're late for a gig. Steven Tyler says he wants all those waiting in the room to go to the gig with them, but they need to get there fast. So we then exit the room and head to the roller coaster.

The ride is interesting, because it's completely in the dark. you go upside down 3-4 times, but you never see it coming. And of course you hear Aerosmith music while riding. Another ride we rode twice!

Of course the main reason I went to Orlando, was to visit Star Wars "Galaxy's Edge"

There are 2 main rides there, The Millenium Falcon Ride, where you have the chance to pilot the falcon.

That was VERY cool.

The other ride, is one that is difficult to get on, because you have to attempt to get in a virtual line at 7am! THat's the "Rise of the Resistance"

It was cool seeing all those stormtroopers.

Throughout Star Wars Galaxy's Edge, they have lifesize vehicles for you to look at and take pictures with.

They also have a cantina, where you can get crazy alcoholic beverages, complete with a robot DJ

We went there a few times, and between my brother and I, we tried all the mixed drinks. One was bubbling and smoking, while another would make your lips feel tingly.

All and all, a fun start to my vacation....as after the parks, we drove down to the Florida Keys to do some scuba diving. More on that later.


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