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K.C. Wheeler

Hey It's K.C. I like Classic Rock and Beer. Join me weekdays from 6a-10am!Full Bio


Most Popular Halloween Candy (Can you guess mine?)

Candystore.com has released their list of the most popular Halloween candy. Here's the top 10

1) Reese's Cups

2) Skittles

3) M&M's

4) Starburst

5) Hot Tamales

6) Sour Patch Kids

7) Hershey Kisses

8) Snickers

9) Tootsie Pops

10) Candy corn

I'm surprised Candy Corn actually made the list....as for MY personal top 5.

1) Snickers

2) Reese's Cup

3) Kit Kat

4) Twix

5) Hershey's Dark Chocolate.


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