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Daytrip to a 1time Guinness Record for Largest Gingerbread Man

Yesterday, I took a daytrip to Smithville, to visit a State Park, as well as a replica of the former Guinness World Record holder for largest Gingerbread Man.

"Smitty" is located in Smithville Texas. Back in 2008, the town decided to break the world record for largest gingerbread man. It was 20 feet tall and weighed 1,308 pounds!

Of course the gingerbread isn't around anymore, but they did make a replica out of metal and have it near the town gazebo. Sadly, the record has been since broken by a town in Norway

Yeah...unfortunately the person who took the picture cut off the head. I'm guessing that's how they eat gingerbread men too!

Also near Smithville, is Buescher State Park, where we did some hiking.

When we parked in one parking lot, my car was visited by a cardinal.

I don't think it liked me parking in that spot. It was going from one side view mirror to the other, and occasionally stopped at the front windshield.

But...after we walked to this bridge(and back) it was gone

Buescher State park has a few hiking trails, and some tall trees!

We ended having lunch in downtown Bastrop (they have a winery, 2 breweries and a distillery all in downtown).

A fun day trip, just 90 minutes out of town.


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