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Fun WHO concert at the Woodlands last night!

The Who put on a great show last night in The Woodlands

I'll get to their performance in a bit, but opening the show was Los Lonely Boys.

They only did 5 songs, but were very entertaining. They covered "I'm a Man" by the Spencer Davis Group, and did their big song "Heaven"

One cool thing they did, was had 2 guys perform on the same guitar

It was fun to see!

OF course the main reason I was there, was to see The Who. They've been on my concert bucket list for awhile. I tried to see them in Dallas a few years back, but Roger Daltrey lost is voice and they postponed the show.

Thankfully, there were no issues last night, and they did not disappoint.

The Majority of the show was performed with an orchestra. An orchestra from Houston!! Each city they play, they have a small orchestra join them on stage. I guess it's cheaper than flying an orchestra around the country.

Not only was Roger Daltrey & Pete Townshend there, but Pete's brother Simon was in the band, as was Zach Starkey. Zach Starkey is the son of Ringo Starr, so it was no surprise he was an excellent drummer.

As for the songs, The Who was an extensive catalog, so it's hard for them to pick and choose which songs to play, but I was VERY happy with the setlist.

1 )Overture


3)Amazing Journey


5)Pinball Wizard

6)We're Not Gonna Take It

7)Who Are You

8)Eminence Front

9)Ball and Chain

10)Join Together

11)The Seeker

12) You Better You Bet


14)Won't Get Fooled Again

15)Behind Blue Eyes

16)The Real Me

17)I'm One


19)The Rock

20)Love, Reign O'er Me

21)Baba O'Riley

Pete Townshend, of course, did his famous "Windmill" move several times during the concert, and he also provided some interesting commentary. About 3 times, he told the band to stop the song, and start over, because he wasn't ready. In fact once he said that he was distracted because a fan yelled "PETER" and that most people call him "Pete", and he only was called "Peter" by his mom when he was in trouble.

I think my favorite song of the night was "Behind Blue Eyes"


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