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Beverages from my Canadian Vacation

Today I'm gonna pass along some info about the beverages I had on my Canadian vacation to Whistler.

The first main place I was able to try new (to me) beverages, was the Whistler Farmers Market.

The Odd Society had a booth there.

They let me take a sip of they're various alcohols. I ended up getting and elderberry liquer.

there was also a winery represented at the farmers market and a meadery

The meadery didn't give out samples, but I did ended up buying 4 of them for the group to try later.

The 4 flavors I tried.... Green Tea with Lime Leaf, Hibiscus with Lavender, Sasparilla with Cherry Bark and Ligonberry with Elderberry. My favorite, to my surprise was the Hibiscus with Lavendar.

Whistler itself has 3 breweries in town. (No distilleries or wineries).

The first one we went to was High Mountain Brewhouse, because they had a good menu for Lunch. They had a neat way to let you know what beers they had.

That system is similar to the system used to let folks know if ski slopes are open or not. The beers were good, and the food was excellent.

The next place we went was Whistler Brewing Company

Whistler Brewing Company had my favorite beers, of the places I went. I got a Pilsner, a Chesnut Ale, a Honey Lager and their Black Tusk Ale.

Favorite probably being the Honey Lager.

funny thing, the next brewery we went to in the same area as the Whistler Brewing company. (thankfully my brother in law was driving)

The 3rd and final brewery in Whistler is Coast Mountain brewing. I really liked how they did their flights.

Instead of writing it on a piece of paper, they just use a magnet system to identify your beer.

The magnet underneath my sampler corresponded to a symbol on the big Beer list board. I had never seen that before and thought it was clever. Wasn't a fan of the beers though, but I did like the system.

On our way back to Vancouver to fly back to Texas, we stopped by Cliffside Ciders. My brother in law in a fan of ciders, and had found the place.

The sampler I got came in little mason jars.

Oddly enough the one I liked the most was called "Unicorn Piss" which had spiced pineapple cider includes allspice, cinnamon, star anise and clove,

As for the name....it's not too far from this

Unfortunately Cliffside Cider didn't serve food....fortunately for us, on the way we found THIS place.

that was quite fortuitous, as I had purchased a 6pack of their Lager when the vacation started.

one last thing I'd like to mention, is a food item that is popular in Canada. Poutine.

Poutine is a bowl of french fries with cheese curds and brown gravy. It's quite tasty....as I ordered it a couple of times on the trip.

Once I got it with Brisket.

If you like the 3 ingredients, I'd recommend you try it, if you ever see it on the menu.


More pics/stories in my next blog.

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