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Thank You Veterans! - restaurant offers/celebrity veterans

A big thank you to all the veteran's out there in the Brazos Valley.

Here's a list of some of the specials for Veteran's today.

Twin Peaks - Eat Free from a select menu during Lunch (11a-3pm)

Chili’s –get a free meal of their choice from a special menu

Cracker Barrel – When visiting Cracker Barrel on Friday, veterans and active-service military personnel get a free slice of Double Chocolate Fudge Coca-Cola Cake with any order

Starbucks is offering free coffee this Veterans Da

Wendy’s – Active military and veterans get a free breakfast combo

Also...here's some celebrity veterans that you may or may not of know.

 John Fogerty entered a military recruiter's office around the time his draft number came up. He signed up with the U.S. Army Reserve as a supply clerk

The Doors Ray Manzarek enlisted in the Army Signal Corps in 1962

Jimi Hendrix was faced with a choice in 1961: spend two years in prison for stealing cars or join the Army.  He joined the Army

Bea Arthur  Women’s Reserve in the Marines when she enlisted in 1943.

Adam Driver joined the Marine Corps following 9/11. His time in service was cut short after a mountain-biking accident.

Clint Eastwood  drafted into the Army for the Korean War.          

Morgan Freeman enlisted in the AirForce to be a fighter pilot.                  

James Earl Jones joined the army during the Korean War. 

Chuck Norris joined the Air Force right after high school.             

Tom SelleckCalifornia Army National Guard during the Vietnam era.        

Mr. T. Army as a military policeman.           ]’

Drew CareyMarine Corps Reserve from 1980–1986.          

Thanks again to all veterans for their service!


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