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Stormtrooper in College Station!

As I was driving home yesterday, I was about to turn up a road I use as a shortcut, when I saw something ahead on the left. I was curious, so I kept on driving.

What did I see....a stormtrooper walking a dog!

Photo: KC Wheeler

Of course, I had to slow down, roll down the window and take a picture. I mean how often do you see a stormtrooper in College Station?

I was curious....were they using the dog to sniff out some droids? Were they and their spouse about to go to a costume party, when one asked the other to "walk the dog" before they left the house?

I don't know, I didn't actually stop and ask them....it's more fun to wonder.

If you happen to be the person IN the Stormtrooper outfit, email me KCWheeler@995TheFox.com and tell me the reason....if there is one.


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