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Pics from my Alaskan vacation!

I wasn't on the air last week, because I took an Alaskan cruise with my family.

We started out of Seattle and did the "inside passage" cruise to Alaska

I had only been on a cruise once before, and it's an interesting way to travel.

Since Alaska is soooo big (even bigger than Texas, which I actually saw a shirt showing that fact) a cruise is a nice way to see the state.

We went on a cruise ship from Holland America

My room was just above those orange lifeboats on the right side of the ship.

An interesting thing the ship did was change the floor mats in the elevator each day.

As for what we saw.....we saw the Mendenhall Glacier that was in the news the other day.

And just down from that view was a beautiful waterfall.

We also saw several totem poles....on one bus ride they said that "hugging" a totem pole brought good luck, so I did. (not sure if they were messing with us)

My favorite place was "Glacier Bay" they only allow 2 cruise ships in there each day, and we got to go.

Here's a picture right from my balcony

Definitely some beautiful views

I actually packed my swimsuit, but never went swimming....just ran out of time.

I'll have more on my Alaskan vacation on tomorrow's blog (including the wildlife we saw)


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