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Wildlife from my Alaskan trip

One of the best things about my Alaskan vacation was the wildlife we got to see.

The creature I was most hoping to see was a whale....and sure enough we saw whales!

We actually saw several right from the cruise ship, although we did a wildlife excursion to get the pictures i've shared. On the cruise ship, you see the whales off in the distance.

Another creature we saw from the ship, and the excursion was Otters!

They just seem to laze around, it was cool to see them just chilling out.

We also saw seals

on a bus ride back from an excursion, my sister pointed out this guy.

Fortunately/unfortunately that was as close as we got to a bear on the trip.

Though we did see quite a few Bald eagles

We also saw another bird....the Puffin.

I remember the Puffin, as many moons ago, when my parents went to Alaska for the first time, they brought be back a bumper sticker that said "No Puffin" (it was a bird with a cigarette in it's mouth)

Fun stuff.

We also saw some...fake animals.

Not sure they have llamas in Alaska, but I liked the sunglasses on that one, so I took a selfie.

The other fake animals we saw were the "Towel" creatures that the cruise ship made.

A fun thing to open the door and see when you get back to your cabin.

A fun trip for all the wildlife we got to see. On my next blog, the good/bad beverages I had.


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