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I Carved a Pumpkin Yesterday

Yesterday, I took one of the pumpkins I got from the Habitat For Humanity Pumpkin patch and carved it up.

Being a big Star Wars fan, I tried carving Darth Vader. (HEAD HERE if you want to see the Star Wars stencils)

First off, I always seem to forget that the longest amount of time carving a pumpkin is getting the guts out and separating the Pumpkin Seeds (Which I plan on cooking later).

In the past, when I"ve used stencils I"ve put the paper right on the pumpkin and cut with the lines. For me that only works for the first bit, but then the stencil get's messed up. SO this time around I tried drawing on the pumpkin first.

Unfortunately I had a difficult time writing on the pumpkin, so that didn't work very well either. I ended up free-handing it a bit.

I wasn't too happy after I finished carving the pumpkin.

BUT....after I put a candle in it, and it got dark, I think it looks alot better.

Anyway...it was fun carving the pumpkin.

Happy hallloween.

By the way, while I was carving the pumpkin, I was listening to the Halloween Playlist on our iHeartradio app.


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