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My Trip to Moody Gardens

The reason I wasn't on the air on Friday, is because I took a holiday trip to Moody Gardens in Galveston.

I drove down on Thursday and started by visiting a brewery (as I like to do on my trips out of town). I went to the Galveston Island Brewery.

Got a nice sampler there, in fact I bought a 6-pack, and they gave me a 6-pack for free.

I then went to a bar and played some trivia, and what do you know...we WON!

The prize was a koozie, stickers, keychain and a $15 gift card.

Then on Friday I went to Moody Gardens. I started by going to the Aquarium Pyramid.

I like the Penguin exhibit, as well as the Jellyfish area.

Then it was off to the Rainforest pyramid, where thy had a giant christmas tree

IN each pyramid they also had items they were auctioning off, and in one pyramid the highest bid was for a signed MIke Evans jersey.

I then toured the rainforest pyramid, where they have the free roaming monkeys

Of course the coolest thing this time of year at Moody Gardens is Iceland. Check out some pics

One thing I liked about Iceland is the ICE BAR. The tables/chairs are made of ICE. And everything inside Iceland is 10 degrees or cooler..

Thankfully they give you parkas to wear

We ended the day by going through their Holiday lights trail.

Definitely a good time at Moody Gardens.

Happy Holidays!


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