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My Top 5 Favorite Superbowl Commercials

A lot of fun commercials during last nights Superbowl, but here''s MY top 5 favs.

#5 Dunkin Donuts - I liked the Tom Brady/Matt Damon parts. And J-Lo's look is priceless

#4 Bud Light - I liked the use of "Magic Carpet Ride" from Steppenwolf...the wish of the "T-Rex" was fun

#3 Kawaski Mullet - As a person with long hair, I got a kick of this. Stone Cold Steve Austin - The Eagle...hillarious

#2 BMW ad- All the Christopher Walken impresonators was fun!

And my favorite commercial from last night's Superbow.

The State Farm commercial with Arnold and Danny

Some Honorable Mentions. The PHizer Commercial with a Queen Song, T-Mobile with Jason MoMoa, Bet MGM- where everyone can bet BUT Tom Brady, Uber Eats - Jennifere Aniston forgets David Schwimmer.

And...a "Bravo" to the Fan duel commercial with the a nice tribute to the late Carl Weathers.


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